Oak Inlay

Sacred plant for the Romans, the Greeks and the Celts, the oak has always accompanied our history.
Thanks to its qualities of hardness and resistance was for centuries the excellence wood, being used for the construction of fine furniture, fixtures, floors and decorative veneers.

The doors with drummed leaf built with double MDF panels thickness 5 mm, covered with oak tree shears.

The frame is in solid wood. The finished shutter thickness is 44mm.

Our doors are realized in all types of openings. The choice of high quality materials guarantees a durable product with accurate finishes and excellent quality.


Natural Oak Mod. INF 18-Q8

Natural Oak Mod. INF 18-L1

Bleached Oak Mod. INF 19-Q8

Honeyed Oak Mod. INF 26-Y

Walnut Stained Oak Mod. INFI 27-L9

Honeyed Oak Mod. INFI 26-L3

Walnut Stained Oak Mod. INF 27-V

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