Solid Wood Lacquered

Solid wood door ensures stable structure over the time and reduce the typical risks of distortion of the wood.

Synthesis of tradition stylistic and modern versatility, the doors are distinguished by the richness of detail and the wide range of solutions and colors. Endless furnishing solutions, all custom tailored.

The fire wood is considered an ecological material. Among the features of the fir stands out its capacity to retain heat.

This quality, together with the compression resistance, makes it suitable because it is not sensitive to temperature changes.

For this reason it can be used both in cold and hot areas.

The particular restoration work has allowed to retrieve in its entirety, respecting the history, but adapting to modernity. To succeed in this endeavor, have been used natural materials.

Lacquered Solid Wood

The project had the task to maintain the original character of house, combining it with advanced manufacturing solutions that take particular account of the environmental sustainability.